Friday, September 5, 2008

ONA2008-2 Podcast: Interview with ONA 2008 Conference Social Media Subcommittee Chair Chrys Wu

In this series of podcasts, we'll be highlighting some of the organizers and participants in this year's Online News Association conference, September 11-13 in Washington DC.

In the second podcast in the series, we interview conference social media subcommittee chair Chrys Wu.

Chrys Wu, Social Media Subcommittee Chair
National Producer, CBS Television Stations Digital Media Group
Chrys Wu

Chrys Wu is the journoblogger at Ricochet, where ideas for online news bounce around. She is also the social media subcommittee chair for the 2008 Online News Association conference. Wu's news background includes reporting, editing, production and research for the Los Angeles Times and, National Geographic Traveler, Shape, KCRW and, and She is currently a national producer tasked with connecting people to content at CBS TV Digital Media Group. When not working on news, she searches out prix fixe dinners, live music, and the ways in which people respond to the worldwide homogenization of culture.

  Download the podcast program here (Stereo MP3 file, 23.8 mb, duration 00:17:21.)

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