Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ONA2008-5 Podcast: Interview with Eduardo Hauser, CEO of DailyMe.com, SuperPanel member

In this series of podcasts, we'll be highlighting some of the organizers and participants in this year's Online News Association conference, September 11-13 in Washington DC.

For our fifth podcast in the series, we interview Eduardo Hauser, founder of DailyMe. Eduardo will be one of the participants in the conference Super Panel, which will deal with a case study involving a hypothetical newspaper wrestling with new media transition issues.

Hauser, who formerly held executive positions at AOL, Venevision and the Cisneros Group of Companies, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of DailyMe, a new news service that provides personalized media content from thousands of sources for consumers. A native of Caracas, Venezuela, Hauser brings nearly two decades of experience in media and technology to his Board role. He was Executive Vice President of AOL Latin America. He also was Managing Director of the Cisneros Group of Companies and Vice President of News and Information for Cisneros' Venevision, the world's second largest producer of Spanish language programming. Hauser founded DailyMe in 2005. It is a free news service that combines the top attributes of online newspapers, news portals and traditional print media, and aggregates and customizes content from more than 3200 sources including licensed, syndicated and user-generated outlets. Hauser serves on NPR's Board of Directors, the Journalism Advisory Board of the Knight Foundation and the Board of Visitors of Duke University School of Law.

Download the podcast program here (Stereo MP3 file, 13.6 mb, duration 00:09:57.)

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